Kristie's son holds a dustpan with "Golden Dustpan" written on it.
Client Stories

Seth & Kristie

“If there’s anything about our son, he loves to be out there and have people see him … It seems his camp experience was a resounding success. We felt very comfortable leaving him with Kyle, his counselor who impressed us as being engaging with and respectful toward our son and a guy who would give our son the freedom he needed and guide him without him feeling henpecked. When we went to pick him up from camp, we were impressed by how all the counselors seemed to know him and had had some interaction with so many of them throughout the week. We liked how small the camp was. We felt this helped provide him with an opportunity to flourish there. He likes being a big guy in a small pond. The counselors said he was a good camper who made camp fun. We had been worried about his recent heartburn attacks which were getting more frequent as camp approached, but the nurse didn’t act like this was anything they couldn’t handle. The whole camp seemed organized and laid back, so that every camper could get what he or she needed. We were very satisfied. Thank you so much for describing this camp and its support staff to us.” – Kristie