Jewel's daughter sits on the ground laughing.
Client Stories


“I don’t recall how I first found out about the Recreation Council, but I am glad that I did! A little over a year ago, my daughter participated in the talent show for people of all abilities. That show was so awesome. My daughter has wanted to be upfront on a stage for a long time, and that talent show was the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her piano playing skills without judgement. In addition, it was a big self-esteem boost for her. Once my daughter was in the talent show, I began to look more into what the Rec Council was about and found there were many opportunities to help me financially with exposing my daughter to other opportunities like a week away from home for a summer camp experience, after-care services while I worked and even swim lessons. Overall, the Rec Council has been a great resource financially and with providing information. I urge all parents with children that have a disability to look into the services at the Rec Council. I am sure there is something that appeals to everyone that will help your child and you live a life with many more opportunities than you may have thought.” – Jewel