Wyman Center

Outdoor Center, Youth Empowerment Programs

The Wyman Center has served as the birthplace to our successful youth development approaches that are now offered to young people in St. Louis, and across the country. Today, Wyman’s campus still serves as the home of the Wyman Leaders Program, which supports around 600 St. Louis teens annually through summer residential experiences at Wyman’s camp and individualized coaching and enrichment opportunities throughout the school year.
When camp is not being used for Wyman programming, it is available for individuals and organizations to hold their events, enjoy the outdoors, and benefit from Wyman’s leadership and team building expertise. By holding your event at Wyman, you are supporting our programs and helping to empower the teens we serve.

Service Area: St. Charles County, St. Louis City, St. Louis County
Program Type: Agencies/Organizations, Social Groups & Family Support
Ages Served: Teens, Youth
Season: Year Round
Inclusive Specialized or Both: Inclusive