Learn to Ride a Bike

I Can Ride / I Can Shine

iCan Ride, Lydia Cox Bike Camp in St. Louis: This week-long summer program is for children ages 8 and older who want to learn to ride a 2-wheel bike.  Our 75 minute lesson uses a graduated method with 80% of our camp participants riding a typical two-wheel bike independently by the end of our 5-day program.  We also welcome volunteer spotters who can run beside the riders as they learn.  The Lydia Faith Cox Family Foundation was established in 2009 in memory of Lydia who filled us with joy for 3 beautiful years. 

iCan Shine Camps in MO:  iCan Shine is an international charitable nonprofit organization. We collaborate with local organizations and individuals, our program ‘hosts’, to conduct approximately 100 five-day ‘iCan’ programs in 35 States and Canada serving nearly 3,000 people with disabilities each year.

Service Area: St. Charles County, St. Louis City, St. Louis County
Program Type: Day Camps
Ages Served: Teens, Youth
Season: Summer
Inclusive Specialized or Both: Specialized

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Program Location: South Technical High School
12721 West Watson Rd., St. Louis MO 63127