Family Advocacy & Community Training (FACT)

Family Support Services / People First Self-Advocacy

The FACT Family Support program is designed to help families who have a child with a disability as they manage life’s challenges. A Parent Support Partner visits you at home and give you emotional and practical support to help you access community services such as health care, special education, recreation, housing, caretakers, employment and finances, and more.  For adults with disabilities, FACT supports People First, a national organization that is run by, and for, people who have a developmental disability. Members of People First are empowered to self-advocate so that they can affect positive change at all levels of society.

Service Area: St. Charles County, St. Louis County
Program Type: Agencies/Organizations, Social Groups & Family Support
Ages Served: All Ages
Season: Year Round
Inclusive Specialized or Both: Specialized

St. Charles & St. Louis County