St. Louis nonprofit that connects people with disabilities to area recreation programs announces a new brand look and large online activities directory.

Since 1983, the Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis has provided individuals with developmental disabilities across the St. Louis and St. Charles areas an opportunity to have fun, be active, socialize and enhance their quality of life. It is a purpose they have proudly supported from their conception, and this year, the Recreation Council rebranded themselves with a new logo, website and tagline, “Leisure Without Limits.”

This tagline was inspired by the belief that individuals with disabilities should not be limited in their access to recreation. They should have the ability to enjoy leisure options because everyone deserves the right to leisure, the right to cherish their time and do the things they enjoy no matter what their abilities. The Recreation Council is passionate about facilitating opportunities around this right.

The Recreation Council helps individuals with disabilities take advantage of these opportunities by connecting them with numerous activities in their communities. Their many connections to disability-specific and inclusive programs led to the creation of an online directory, the largest online resource for year-round activities for individuals with disabilities in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas. Here, users can find programs that match their interests, passions and abilities. This directory is available on their website at

Executive Director Susan Fleming says, “I love being active in a variety of recreation activities myself, so I can’t imagine that others would not have the same opportunity. Our hope is that this new directory will connect individuals with disabilities to recreation opportunities that fit their unique passions and abilities, or even help them find new ones they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to explore.”

Users of the new website also have access to funding opportunities through voucher funding programs, which open up new doors to participants who might not otherwise be able to afford programs from the Recreation Council’s partners.

“Everyone deserves the right to live life,” says Fleming. “That we get to preserve that right for individuals with disabilities by providing the service we do is important work that I am proud the Recreation Council gets to do every single day.”

For more information about the Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis, contact Susan Fleming at